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"The spherical cells are far superior to the concentric cylindrical type cells."

Alex Schiffer, author of "The Experimenter's Guide to the Joe Cell"

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Testimonials about the Moe-Joe Cell


CAR RELATED - Energetics / HEALING / Consciousness Related - RESIDUAL VOLTAGES Held by the Moe-Joe Cell


"Your Moe-Joe site is the most informative site out there bar none. you have the very best information on the net.  You leave nothing out, I know.  I do a ton of reading.  I study everyone's research until I know it like the back of my hand. I always wind back at your site for missing pieces to the Joe cell.  There is a lot of info out there but none as good as yours. You have like the complete package, I really like your site and can't wait to see method 3 for charging water."

lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove Robert "78TransAm" Man - USA


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C.M. reported the following results on his 81 Toyota truck with the moe-joe cell:

moe joe cell installed on 1984 Toyota

<<I completed my installation at night this last Thursday. I allowed my engine block to charge overnight. My engine behaved quite different the next day.
Normal Conditions: I always needed to pump my gas petal to get the engine to start cold. Top speed of my truck was strictly 55 mph, any faster and you can be sure to overheat. (81 toyota deluxes are slow but reliable). Going up steeper grades on freeway, my power dies out and I have to shift into the lower ranges and put on my hazard lights. This is all normal stuff for me smiley
After Moe-Joe: Started steady and never died first time on a cold morning. I never pumped the gas once. I drove a few blocks to the job site. Worked about 10 hours (meanwhile charging the engine block) and then drove 54 miles on 1 gallon of gas (Nobody I know personally (presently smiley) gets that good of gas mileage on their cars or trucks, maybe their scooters or motorcycles), especially on a old work truck with a ladder rack featuring massive air resistance. During my lovely drive I noticed INCREDIBLE power increase. Up and down mountainous terrain without losing power in my highest gear. My max speed increased to 65 mph! During moments of my drive it went even faster! I can sense a breath like in flow and out flow of power that came and went in my truck. Power and top speed would increase for 5 minutes roughly then leave for five minutes roughly. Going up hills my truck really felt much lighter and more powerful (worked harder with less feedback, rev'd higher without damage).

This truly was an amazing experience

This next report reveals a rather amazing aspect of the moe-joe cell which seems to coincide with some of the data James Goss of the Joe Cell forums is discovering with his scientific studies:


I would like to share a phenomenon that one of the moe-joe cell users has reported on the forums
at - where we hold discussions and share info on the moe-joe cell.

I believe it may be somehow related to this "unit charge" - or, an extension of the aspects of the unit charge
that James Goss has described - ie that the unit charge can be conveyed via a distance to other objects.
well... Also, some of the healing / consciousness aspects shared by C.M. about the moe-joe cell - check this out - AMAZING:

From C.M. of California


So perhaps tonight or tomorrow I will install (very carefully ) this latest healthier cell back directly on my truck. Strange as this may seem, I have noticed that the truck's wacky mid-transition-stage character becomes much more pronounced (again) when I am operating the cell off the 6 v flashlight battery in my home. When I disconnect the cell altogether I notice the character of my truck phase out and slowly the truck returns to normal power/timing, etc. But even when the cell is not directly installed on the truck and then connected to a battery elsewhere, it STILL GIVES BACK the 'moe-joe' character and power/timing begin phasing back toward abnormal again. (click here to read about C.M.'s healing experiences with the cell)

It seems perhaps that the moe-joe cell offers a way to 'tune' the atoms of other substances (ie using the transfer tube/spring) to match the 'tuning' of the cell, or the water, or of a derivative of the whole operation. Or perhaps rather it absorbs/draws 'atomic noise'. At any rate it seems to 'pull' your engine block and whatever else it is in contact with into a particular type of atomic pitch which can than resonate with the cell remotely. So once your block has had a 'quantum cleanse' it will then be able to maintain it's 'cleanliness' or 'tuning' somewhat by virtue of the quantum resonance created by all the moe-joe cells in operation of the same construction (ie the same size and electrical configuration) in the universe

Pretty phenomenal.
Like the scientific experiments that demonstrate that cells from a sample of human tissue will respond to stimuli even when they are removed from the source of the stimuli - ie taken away to some distance, or fish that belong to a school that are removed from that school will also continue turn and move right along with the school despite being separated from it and out of sight, it seems the "spin up" or tune up process that the moe-joe cell, and i would say the joe cell, does to the metal / block of the car, remains even after the cell is removed physically from the car.
but the effects on the engine are still noticeable, as described by C.M.

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Honda 2001 Accord with Moe Joe cell installed fuel mileage improvementHonda 2001 Accord with Moe Joe cell installed fuel mileage improvement


'In 2008 a spherical Moe-Joe energy cell was installed in a 1993 Saturn via its positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve intake. The car's carefully measured mileage jumped from 30 MPG to nearly 50 MPG. The car’s exhaust was measured to be approximately 90% cleaner. The car noticeably feels lighter as well as more powerful due to a possible anti-gravity effect. A second cell was also installed in a 1968 Dodge Charger with similarly positive results.'


Gary V. Las Vegas Nevada


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"I'm getting around 35-40 MPG right now on the highway, and averaging 32-33 MPG.

When i first got the car i was averaging 25 mpg.

It's a stock 3000 GT with DOHC V-6 runnnin royal purple oil.


Brett 3000GT good results with moe joe cell

I have the moe joe in my passenger floor board sittin in a dupont paint cup( any ideas of a better way to mount it ?).

I have connector coming out that goes into a 1/4" hose runnin through the fender straight  into my intake, Y 'ed off with my vacuum line. i havent jacked with ECM yet, but  i will as soon as  i get my tranny tuned up and my downpipe on.
Power defiantly weird, it gives a notch all the way through the power curve.


How is the power weird?

It's a power that takes and smoothes out the dyno curve, most of the time when u put a performance

part on a car to make it faster it gives it power eathier  in the low end, mid range or high  end,

but this Moe-Joe cell gives it power all the way through the RPMs.


Other aspects of Brett's method -

Well i took my own ideas into hooking up the cell and how to use it because I'm a leader not a follower.
For + its coming from the cigarette lighter fuse so when my radar detector comes on i know the wire is hot, and the ground is straight from the battery. And I fill the cell however much I feel like, and I dont charge the water at all, use distilled water with some electrolyte which may be causing the browning on the spheres. When I first hooked it up it was really doing much then i mixed a table spoon (of electrolyte) in there and it turned  into a HHO bubble machine lol, at this point it was hooked up to a battery charger at 50 amps."

Brett O. from USA

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""It works. It works better than I thought.
Suv went from 12.9 to 17.9mpg overall.
On Hwy went from 14.9 to 22 mpg.
Very impressive.

The cell works better in the morning hours ( 65-80 degrees) than afternoon 80-100 degrees.
this was with the following setup and information -

2007 GMC Yukon Denali. Cell set up with negative wire routed thru a vacuum hose to direct connection with the engine block. (The wire went along the inside of the transfer hose until right before engine block, where it went through a small hole (sealed after) and then connected straight to the block. The tube maintained a connection to the vacuum intake of the SUV.
Charged the water initially with the Moe-Joe cell water charging kit outside car in 1 gallon plastic bucket using Variac and bridge rectifier and capacitor. 5 days 4 filters. Used the Moe-Joe cell car kit, with the half-full method. Did not alter the O2 sensors or anything else in the system.""

"C" from the USA

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"Thank you, Moshe, the cell has arrived.
Very good steel, I am very excited about the kit, everything fits well
like you promised in the video. This is a very professional way to bring this technology into use, very
good. I will tell this the people here in the german forum and, there is no produkt compared to this around here in europe."

Fisherman from Germany


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"Your cell is definitely working as designed.  It charges up NYC tap water in a couple of days as compared to my old small joe cell which takes much longer (304 stainless--lots of magnetism!, 3 tubes, small glass jar).  This makes it more convenient for me. My second batch of highly charged, structured water is about ready.  Amazing how fast the Moe Joe cranks out the water!  NYC tap turns a bright yellow/golden color and keeps a residual charge of over 2 volts!  The deeper the color, the greater the charge. I also like your variac/rectifier system which provides the muscle to get the Moe Joe up to speed."

Anthony from Queens, NY


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When I saw the Moe cell I was amazed to see it run an engine on apparently nothing.  I was curious, dubious, fascinated and attracted by it.  When I saw the Moe-Joe cell I could see how a sphere would be much more efficient.  If it worked.   My curiosity and thirst for mileage with low or no fuel costs I ordered the Moe-Joe kit.   (A gamblers heart?)  It took me all of an hour to assemble it.  I only washed it, and soaked it in a mild acid overnight to get all residue off of it.   It took another hour to install it and then I took it out for a ride.  I am still amazed at what I saw.  

    I've been a professional driver, and a heavy equipment operator for all my life and I feel I am somewhat qualified to judge the increase of power to the engine.  About fifteen percent.   The fuel mileage did not improve, but I am confident that with a little tweaking, it will improve by at least the same amount as the power. 
    Its truly an amazing thing  a concentric sphere full of water.  It doesn't even have a direct connection to the engine.   Just one wire connected to the negative on the battery and another pointing at the engine.    
    As the oil barons continue to rape our economy it is wise to search around for alternative fuel sources and ways to conserve fuel.  It becomes a matter of survival.   What is your quality of life worth to you?
Tony Michaud 
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"On a market basis, relating to NuTech, major supplier of the Joe cells, Moshe is selling his cell for less than half price... a third less if he were making a real business out of it. Furthermore, his delivery time can't be any worse than NuTech. NuTech took over two months to deliver my cell components (which I never used). The bottom line is that Moshe can't be doing much better than covering his material fabrication cost, plus his time. Three spun cells cost me $1,000 each by comparison." Jim Clark


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Healing, Consciousness & Energy Related Testimonials


I am preparing to install a healthy cell on my truck. The cell is connected to a 6 v flashlight battery while I prepare to re-install it. It seems the cell has quite an effect on my household. Everybody's character have become more balanced, more aware of their surroundings. The corners of the house are getting cleaned. Dirt is coming out of crevices, tumors (or warts, not really sure) are being healed, love abounding. I have much enjoyed the presence of the cell's effects on my house so much so that I am procrastinating putting it on my truck. My sleep lately has been great and fulfilling and still it is not difficult to rise in the early morning to get the day started. It seems life is becoming much more balanced. So perhaps tonight or tomorrow I will install (very carefully ) this latest healthier cell back directly on my truck.

C.M. from California

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Just to let you know, and I know this may sound odd, but the cell I ordered came in yesterday. After cleaning and prep I was able to fill it today and start charging. 
Now for the odd part, as a reiki practitioner, I noticed a very large jolt of energy as soon as I connected the positive terminal of a 12 volt battery I am using for charging.  Even now as only the negitive is connected it is still putting out energy, and still has a 2.2 volt dc charge even 20 minutes later.

I must admit I was sceptical about this, but I really do think something id going on that I cannot quite explain right now.

R.E. from the USA


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"My wife and I do feel energy directly and when we use the Bedini
SSG it is a very special energy firm and gentle at the same time, it
restructure body cells by providing  the movement to regenerate  body's
electricity and reactivating  the  sodium/potassium pump
(electricity being the result of movement here sodium/potassium) the
Bedini's spark creates the initial momentum for the kinetics  that will
generate the  body current.

When inside a MJC it is like an antenna that calibrates the spark and
diffuse it. It is more  powerful, I mean it goes much deeper in the body
than when you are standing beside the SSG and  at the same time its more
detectable further away. At the present I am in my office writing this
e-mail and I have it in the kitchen withe the Bedini and I can feel it
12 m away and it is acting deep into my body exactly where I have tensions."


Moe Joe cell and Bedini SSG00000 Moe Joe cell with Bedini SSG France


"When you charge the Moe Joe Cell it does not hold the current it more like raising then collapsing then raising and so on. (this is with a 12v battery or  a Bedini's SSG). My feelings are :

between sphere we are experiencing expansion et contraction (like in the universe) and this creates a torque giving the movement to the vortexes (like water going down the drain) a space time curvature with torque ! this creates a mini back hole. in the center."


Isabelle and Jean Jacques from France


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Hi Moshe,
This is Dave Lawrence.
Here is some of my imediate notes on the Moe Joe [MJ] cell.

(Moshe's note - Dave Lawrence is a highly sensitive intuitive, who can sense,

see, and feel energy fields. His feedback of the Moe-Joe cell is phenomenal -

this is also on (about halfway down Mojo cell) - There's some interesting info and feedback about Car operation as well, via Dave's perceptions)

Thank you very much Dave. Beautiful feedback.

What I get from the MJ cell is nothing less then amazing, and we were all rather spellbound with its unique spherical field.
It is the best water cell I have ever felt, but the key here is for meditation. I studied the field, cut two strong resonant lengths, and discovered an unexpected effect when the water is dumped out.

8.475 cm
7.025 cm

Cut these lengths in SS wire, hold them up to and touch the outer surface and you will see what the resonant rods are all about.
The MJ we have here resonates physically to these on a series of platonic nodes around its surface, where hitting a node flares them up strongly. Scan the surface to locate these nodes, using a wire.

The field is radiant in layers just like the RM [RainMaker] field, and surprisingly it responds consciously much faster than a normal Joe Cell, and only a bit slower than a full crystal sphere. The field is also immediately stronger then a Rain Maker [RM], and need far less building energy from yourself.

Within Bernies energy space we all sat here talking and you could see the energy levels bringing us all to state of Joy over time, laughter,..etc, all the normal higher frequency Light energy effects, that I previously only felt in the Golden Light lengths.

Kel reconfigured the cell as one outer sphere with all half spheres inside it (Half cell approach). He wanted to see if it would act more like a JC now that all the tops of the inner spheres were opened like the top of a JC. I was not impressed! LOL! The cells power dropped to about half, but the outer surface still had the nodes all over it. The bottom of the cell was now much stronger then the top and it lost its special spherical quality.


Coupling the MJ [Moe Joe] cell to the car was easy, I sat the bottom bolt on a finger, finger on the car and started sliding down the cars length until I found the natural resonant nodes, where the car would take the cells energy and couple. This worked on all the cells for the most part, but was very strong for the MJ due to the powerful center pin field.

MJ Perceptions Engine Operation: (for more detailed info)

The Moe Joe Cell is probably better placed into a UFO craft of platonic form to recieve this higher kind of energy, and more what the RM and Kosol devices have been all about. In every way this cell is more suited to conscious direction in platonic form, as I can sense this. It is far easier to slide into consciously then I could have ever dreamed.

The standard JC's are more like wheels or spin energy, or single tornadoes having a dual spin center.
The Moe Joe is an incredible, conscious, and healing device, having far better impact on the human organism than a simple wheel can deliver, it is a step above cellery, and may or may not be compatible with the tube geometry of the JC tech.

It stands to reason that "Moshe" a beautiful soul, would have created a healing device for the world of this incredible magnitude, and the path he is on. Spirit uses us all to accomplish its will, and uses all our unique talents and abilities differently. We are much stronger in the sharing.

I highly recommend if you have not yet felt a MJ cell, you should make every attempt to find somebody who has one just to work around it for a few days in the charged up state. If you are a torsion field sensitive you will fall in love with it as it brings up the waters vibrations as a fully platonic form. The "icosahedron resonance" is not only verifyable but pleasant to discover. Just as the snow flakes will form into this pattern when you send them Love, the cell will form a full large size version and you can locate all the nodes.

Dave Lawrence


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"got my moejoe running.

I am working my way through stage one now. I'll keep you up to speed on my progress.
Two immediate observations....a) the sphere is far superior and b) one can feel the energy pulsing within even in stage 1."
Best Regards....Alan from Ireland

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Residual Voltages Held by the Moe-Joe Cell by Global Experimenters


The Following Results are from Normand Lalande from the province of Quebec in Canada. (Jour means Day - and all these results are after 12 hours without charging. Charging method of this system = The Bedini SSG) - Look how the voltages continued to rise with time.


Jour#15, après repos de 12hres.= 1.495 volt
Jour#16,       ''                    ''          = 1.40  volt
Jour#17,       ''                    ''          = 1.525 volt

Jour# 18, après 12 hres de repos,= 1.571 volt
Jour# 19,              ''           ''             = 1.571 volt
Jour# 20,              ''           ''             = 1.600 volt
Jour# 21,              ''           ''             = 1.601 volt

Jour# 22, après 12 hres de repos, =1.591 volt
Jour# 23,              ''              ''          =1.616    ''
Jour# 24,              ''              ''          =1.624    ''
Jour# 25,              ''              ''          =1.667    ''
Jour# 26,              ''              ''          =1.678    ''
Jour# 27,              ''              ''          =1.703    ''
Jour# 28,              ''              ''          =1.690    ''

Jour# 29, après 12 hres de repos,= 1.761 volt
Jour# 30,            ''               ''           = 1.722 volt
Jour# 31,            ''               ''           = 1.745 volt
Jour# 32,            ''               ''           = 1.738 volt

Jour# 33, après 12 hres de repos,= 1.820 volt
Jour# 34,           ''              ''            ,= 1.818 volt
Jour# 35,           ''              ''            '= 1.796 volt


At this point, Normand began charging 12 hours straight with the bedini system.


Jour# 45, après 12 hres de repos,= 1.832 volt
Jour# 46,             ''            ''             = 1.858   ''
Jour# 47,             ''            ''             = 1.879   ''
Jour# 48,             ''            ''             = 1.872   ''
Jour# 49,             ''            ''             = 1.865   ''


Jour#50, 12 hres de charge+12hres de repos= 1.878 volt
Jour#51,                ''                             ''             = 1.868   ''
     after 24 hours of no-charging         = 1.635 volts

Jour#52, 12hres charge+12hres de repos= 1.883 volt
Jour#53,                 après 24hres de repos= 1.577    ''
Jour#54, 12hres charge+12hres de repos= 1.895    ''
Jour#54,                 après 24hres de repos= 1.678    ''
Jour#55, 12hres charge+12hres de repos= 1.882    ''
Jour#56,                 après 24hres de repos= 1.594    ''
Jour#56, 12hres charge+12hres de repos= 1.879    ''
Jour#57,                 après 24hres de repos= 1.616    ''

Jour#58, 12hres charge+12hres de repos= 1.881 volt
Jour#59,                            24hres  ''      ''     = 1.605   ''
Jour#60, 12hres charge+12hres  ''      ''     = 1.895   ''
Jour#61,                            24hres  ''      ''     = 1.648   ''
Jour#62,                            36hres  ''      ''     = 1.505   ''

Wow!! After 36 hours of no charging, Normand has a 1.5V residual voltage on the Moe-Joe cell.


Ertl Tamas, from Hungary, reported after 1 month of no charging, the moe-joe cell held - 0,66V

Ertl also reported the following -

After a week of charging, 9*1 minute charges, at 1A, 600V (cause he used rainwater which has very low electrolyte content, and requires a higher voltage to achieve 1A)   24hs after charging, he is getting 1,5V – 1,8V
Then with the passing of time, decreases to 1.0V


NOTE: Ertl Tamas has discovered the following -

He wrote: "I discovered that the clearer the rainwater is, the higher the voltage will remain after 24 hours.
(I predict with the higher purity of the water, fhigher and higher voltage. The maximum I reached: 600V & 1A ;  24 hours  1.8 V)

Moshe's note - with the higher purity of the water, requires higher voltage to achieve 1A. Working with high voltages like that is dangerous and is a drawback to using such pure water.

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