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April 9th 2015

New You Video on the moe-joe cell and healing / consciousness


And our new Moe-Joe cell Store is now up and running.


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July 8th 2015


Click here to read some excellent new results from an experimenter in the USA.

You'll have to be a member of the forums. Here is a brief summary of improvements -

Day 1 of Driving a 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee with Pulstar Sparkplugs and the Moe-Joe Cell.
Previous Average Mileage of the Jeep with the Pulstar; 14 MPG average.
With the Moe-Joe cell; 20 MPG average.
Previous Handling and engine sound; Semi-loud with a small vibration. Handling when you turned hard, the power steering pump would whine. Current Handling and Engine sound; 80% silent and can be given the term, "Quiet Power". Handling is lighter than before.


I have been working on a few new ideas with the moe-joe cell.


First of all, for many years, I have laboured under the (idealistic) premise that the very center of the cell need be diamagnetic and thus not have any iron. So the bismuth core was invented.


But bismuth is a soft metal. And it has been difficult to really tighten the cell. So recently, I decided to put a solid bolt right through the entire cell. This has enabled the cell to become uber strong. I can tighten it down VERY tightly. I still cast a ball of bismuth around the threaded rod and place it in the center of the cell, and so far, it doesn't seem to interfere with the perfomance of the moe-joe cell.


The second new idea I have been playing with is switching the location of the positive and negative connections of the battery. I have always placed the positive to the outside of the cell and the negative to the inside sphere of the cell. But now, based on the suggestion of an advanced researcher in HHO and alternative fuel techs, I have begun playing with the negative to the outside and the positive to the inside. This may work better due to the fact that the electrons flow from the positive terminal (on the inside, whch is the female sphere and the source or root of where the energy should come from) to the negative terminal - now on the outside. I'll be very curious to hear back from the Global Community about this change, to hear what you think and what your experience is from it.




December 26th 2013

New Instructional Moe-Joe Cell Assembly Video - January 2014



June 3rd, 2012


Great new results both with fuel mileage and healing aspects of the moe-joe cell from C.M. from California.

Here for the testimonials of performance with a 1984 Toyota + Here for the healing /consciousness aspect + Here for fuel mileage improvement results


March 1st, 2012



4th Session will be on Sunday March 11th, 2011 at 1pm EST

Global Charging Healing and Prayer Session
This event combines the intention of bringing the hearts and minds of people meditating and praying for world peace, healing, and global unity together with the amazing zero-point field technology of the joe cell and moe-joe cells.
For years, Moshe has had the dream of uniting all the people with joe cells and moe-joe cells along with various sacred geometries and other special technologies, combined with all other like-minded people, to gather for world healing, peace, and focusing on certain global issues, to help accelerate world change.

And this has finally become a reality! For the first time, a group of friends with Joe cells, Moe-joe cells, and other sacred geometries, technologies, and people of like mind, joined together and had amazing sessions, tapping into the zero-point field that united all the hearts and minds of the people holding the "circle" of consciousness.

Click here to read more and to be a part of the next (4th) Global Charging and Healing Session.
Navigate on that page to see clips of the previous sessions.

The energy is really incredible - and very powerful - how when we combine our own zero-point fields, with the technology of the joe cells and the moe-joe cells, how profoundly we can connect and affect change.

Be a part of the Session! on Sunday March 11th, 2012 from 1pm - 2pm Eastern Standard Time.
Sign up now!


March 1st, 2012

In this video, Moshe Daniel discusses and displays the amazing water vortexer that he designed, which allows water to be continuously charged and vitalized by having it swirling in a vortex. Great for healing and charging water for the joe cell and moe-joe cell, this video demonstrates the first version of Moshe's swirler, which was not able to sustain a vortex.


September 5th, 2011


1st Session will be on September 11th, 2011 at 1pm EST

We will be assembling globally all at the same time, to charge our moe-joe cells and joe cell and pray on world peace, and for each and everyone's healing and well-being. Right now, we have people from 20 countries who have Moe-Joe cells. This is going to be a powerful way to enhance peace amongst the different nations, races, and religions. Please check out where these healing global charging sessions will be taking place.

August 22nd , 2011


Honda 2001 Accord with Moe Joe cell installed fuel mileage improvement

Excellent and exciting news of fuel-mileage improvements and engine performance enhancements with the moe-joe cell.


July 13th, 2009


Added a new page of answers to frequently asked buyers's questions before purchase.


April 1st, 2009

New Videos on the Moe-Joe cell


Moe joe Cell Car Installation Video


Moe Joe Exploded View Video


The Moe-Joe Cell is now up on PESwiki


October 15th, 2008


Nutopia Moe-Joe cell support and forums

The Forums of are now up and running, so the discussions of the Moe-Joe cells will be taking place there. This is the best place to have anwers to your questions and to share vital information, for the growth of the Moe-Joe cell technology.


September 5th, 2008


healing hands


New web page up on The Moe-Joe Cell Global Community - Where people from around the world share their polishing results, their innovative solutions for car installations, and Stage 3 water.


August 12th, 2008


Tesla Tech Technology conference


The TeslaTech 2008 Extraordinary Technology Conference was incredible!!! Got a chance to really share the ins and outs of the Moe-Joe cell and the Sphinx sphere and I felt the overall energy and "power" of the Moe-Joe cell go to the next level. Also met many amazing, cutting edge, leading minds and thinkers of todays extraordinary technology. This conference is well put together with excellent, highly qualified speakers. A must see in 2009!!


July 12, 2008


The Most Charged water stage 3 ever moe joe cell


You gotta check this out!! This is the most charged water ever!



June 29th, 2008


- The totally non-magnetic cells are in. It is wonderful. This will involve a slight increase in the price, due to increase in expenses for each cell to be totally non-magnetic - with a better performance.


- A New page on Healing and Prayer and Law of Attraction Enhancement and Manifestation is now up.


- New methods of assembly are explained - the Half-Cell Assembly method is showing a lot of promise for the vacuum or air intake car installation method.


June 07, 2008


- - the home of the future FORUMS for the Moe-Joe cell should be launched quite soon. From there, all support, questions, and feedback will be able to be exchanged.


- Completely non-magnetic Moe-Joes will be out next week. Stay tuned for them! They will be available through the STORE.


- WARNING: Please stay away from the Cell Guardian. It is a scam and does not work. Also, whatever you may do, stay away from Tony Schwartz. I hate to post this, but I wouldn't want anyone else to get cheated by him. There's been plenty of people, believe me. He is a scam artist and has cheated and lied to many people - including myself. I have gotten so many complaints about him and also other people complaining about his services, or that he lied to them and cheated them out of money. I am sorry I ever allowed him to get his hands on any Moe-Joes.


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