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1st Session was on September 11th, 2011 at 1pm EST

2nd Session was on November 13th, 2011 at 1pm EST

Both were a great success. Click here to be brough to the Discussion Forums on where the people involve are leaving feedback about their experiences.


Our Next, 3rd Global Charging Healing and Prayer Session will be on January 13th, 2011 at 1pm EST - click here to sign up



We will be assembling globally all at the same time, to charge our joe cells, moe-joe cells and other healing techologies to pray for world peace, and for each and everyone's healing and well-being. Right now, we have people from 20 countries who have Moe-Joe cells and Joe cells. This is a powerful way to enhance peace amongst the different nations, races, and religions. Please check out where these healing global charging sessions will be taking place.

The Power of the Moe-Joe Cell vs the Joe Cell: Which is better? And For What?

Is the Moe-Joe cell better for healing than it is for running a car on water?

It is now the 2nd day of the New Year of 2011. It was in 2004 that I began developing the moe-joe cell after having studied and worked with the joe cell for a while. I became a part of a joe cell discussion group and learned a lot about the technology there.

For a long time, Alex Schiffer, author of "The Experimenter's Guide to the Joe Cell" had a contention that the Moe-Joe cell was not good for running a car. I thought he thought that the moe-joe cell was simply not good for anything. He even said, recently "The Moe cell is your version of a cell and has nothing to do with Joe or his cell." It was only recently that I recognized that he did hold the moe-joe cell in high esteem, but for healing, not for running a car.

Alex Schiffer then said, once we began discussing the use of the moe-joe cell in healing, instead of running a car:

"As you are now talking about healing and balancing we have a whole new ball game.

I will again state that a properly constructed spherical cell is light years ahead of a Joe cell.

I have always stated that and nothing has changed, the Joe cell is nowhere near as good for healing."

He then went on to explain the reason why he felt that the moe-joe cell was not suited to run the car on water, and why that fell into the lap of the joe cell.

<<<But, and that is a big but, we do not want a balanced cell for car use. We deliberately make and capture the unbalance so as to beam it where we want the event (the recombination, the balance) to occur.>>>

he also explained, in relation to my comments that I found the joe cell had a big distortion in its energy field, and this flaw, I did not like to be around.

<<<The distortion and "flaw" that you feel is what we want for car use, for if the cell was balanced we could not `tap' it. It is unbalance that seeks rest and this desire results in action, the ones we seek for car use.>>>

This finally made sense to me, at least what he believed. The idea that, because the moe-joe cell is so well balanced, the  male and the female, and for this reason it is so good for healing, was the very reason why the moe-joe cell would not and could not run a car on water.

Now, I really appreciated having this light dawn on me, not because I fully agree or believe what Alex Schiffer was saying is true, but I understand now that the installation of the moe-joe cell into the car could NOT be done the same as with the joe cell. Robert Hull or "The Hull Effect" fame, told me cryptically, without further explanation, that the position of the moe-joe cell is of utmost importance.

I am not ready to lay down the moe-joe cell with the car application and play dead.
Partly because we have had good results with certain cars - mostly the big over-grown, over-sized SUVs that are so fuel inefficient, they should be getting better fuel mileage and they do. We had less results with the tightly locked down Japanese cars and diesel engines. Although, I must say, on all car installations, even diesel ones, and even with the ones that had no fuel mileage improvement, there was always some boost in performance. The engine responded better to the gas pedal. Handling was better. The vehicle was "lighter on its feet" - for example with the triple transmission beast-of-a-car, the 2001 Land Rover's handling was much, much better.

So we've seen something with the car. Some results were actually quite satisfactory - click here to see a page of some of the fuel mileage improvement with the moe-joe cell.

When it comes to the beautiful, healing results of the moe-joe cell, that is without a doubt evident when you've worked with the joe cell and then are able to compare with the moe-joe cell.

Dave Lowrence, a very special researcher and experimenter into these subtle energies, alternative energy, and such, and very balanced with a highly scientific and intuitive mind, stated the following about the moe-joe cell:

<<< What I get from the MJ cell is nothing less then amazing, and we were all rather spellbound with its unique spherical field. It is the best water cell I have ever felt, but the key here is for meditation.

The field is radiant in layers just like the RM [RainMaker] field, and surprisingly it responds consciously much faster than a normal Joe Cell, and only a bit slower than a full crystal sphere. The field is also immediately stronger then a Rain Maker [RM], and need far less building energy from yourself.

Within Bernies energy space we all sat here talking and you could see the energy levels bringing us all to state of Joy over time, laughter,..etc, all the normal higher frequency Light energy effects, that I previously only felt in the Golden Light lengths. It is far easier to slide into consciously then I could have ever dreamed.

The standard JC's are more like wheels or spin energy, or single tornadoes having a dual spin center. The Moe Joe is an incredible, conscious, and healing device, having far better impact on the human organism than a simple wheel can deliver, it is a step above cellery, and may or may not be compatible with the tube geometry of the JC tech.

It stands to reason that "Moshe" a beautiful soul, would have created a healing device for the world of this incredible magnitude, and the path he is on. Spirit uses us all to accomplish its will, and uses all our unique talents and abilities differently. We are much stronger in the sharing.

I highly recommend if you have not yet felt a MJ cell, you should make every attempt to find somebody who has one just to work around it for a few days in the charged up state. If you are a torsion field sensitive you will fall in love with it as it brings up the waters vibrations as a fully platonic form.

Dave Lowrence>>

So it is clear that David Lowrence, like others, who have felt the moe-joe cell, can feel its beautiful spherical healing influence. Perhaps David was even implying what Alex Schiffer was saying about the moe-joe cell not being suited to cars, when he said:

"The Moe Joe Cell is probably better placed into a UFO craft of platonic form to recieve this higher kind of energy, and more what the RM and Kosol devices have been all about. In every way this cell is more suited to conscious direction in platonic form, as I can sense this."

At this point, I have heard the idea. The moe-joe cell is suited for healing, and advancement of consciousness, but not for running a car. I understand the idea, but I am not convinced. We have seen the results with the car, and may have even had better results if we were better at tweaking the car's computer and oxygen sensors.

So the bottom line is that the moe-joe cell has yet to prove its ability to run a car. It certainly already has proven its worth for healing and evolution of consciousness, but can it run a car on water?

I have a hunch that yes, it can run a car on water. Even though Alex Schiffer states a very sound and important idea that it is the imbalance of the joe cell that makes it able to create the kind of force that it needs to run a car, I don't want to fully accept this as the bottom line. I don't want to believe that our world, in order to power itself, requires imbalanced, violent force. If everyone is driving around in the broken field of a joe cell, there is broken consciousness happening at every moment.

I feel in my gut that the moe-joe cell can run a car strictly on water, fuelless.

What do you think / feel? Let us know - Leave a comment on our blogs at


Best method of assembly and preparation for healing -

1---- 4" cell only and sealed with water inside, with no water outside as in the water charging vat.

With this method, you will have to close up the two little air / water circulation holes on the bottom 4" hemisphere. To do this, you can cut a small piece of plastic / rubber, and use goop / silicon gel ONLY on the outside. make sure, while sealing, that NO goop or sealant is exposed at all to the inside of the cell where the water will be. Also, seal up the bottom of the cell

2 ---- Water Only Core is preferred over the bismuth core for healing. See instructions here for assemble of water only core.

3 ---- Polish your steel!!!

4 ---- Create some form of container like a big cap with the bottom cut out, that will go beyond the holes on top of the 4" - seal it around the bottom outside of the cap to catch any water that is displaced during the charging process.

5 ---- Use live, charged water. (water that has come from a live spring, vortexed water, water charged with the moe-joe cells, water charged with a ring generator)

6 ---- Be creative. Add names on the outside of the your Moe-Joe cell. Surround it with crystals, orgonite, beautfiul things, etc. Talk to it. Love your cell. .


Healing and Prayer Enhancement

1 --- Method of electricity - Use Pepi's charging method or use a high voltage, low amperage method... or ideally, use a radiant energy charging method as seen in Bedini Solid state school girl project. If you're good with electronics, build a 555 timer, and pulse a 12 volt battery DC to various frequencies - do RIFE beam ray device research for some of the good frequencies for healing specific ailments, or for mood enhancement, chakra balancing, etc.

2 --- While charging, place hands around outside of the cell, without touch (or touching with thin cottom gloves on) <--- This is a good method for prayer enhancement and Law of Attraction manifestation - Place hands on or near cell, and open your mind and your heart, and pray with all your heart and soul and all your power on the things you wish for, you see happening, and give gratitude that they are being created so.


3 --- Meditation - Do your favourite form of meditation just in the vicinity of the cell, for the time you feel comfortable with. (Some people are sensitive and will not be able to handle too long near the cell. Be mindful of how long you can handle and don't over do it.)


4 --- Connect your Moe-Joe cell to a Healing Chamber.

Do NOT use the cell for EGO desires, greed, or for POWER OVER of any kind.



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