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Moe-Joe Cell Global Community Pictures / Stories


Polishing Jobs - Neat Innovative Setups and Car Installations - Stage 3 Water


Polishing Jobs


Moe joe cell polished Jetijs from Latvia

Jetijs from Latvia nice Polishing Job (and comparison with Non-Polished)

Ken Green Nice Polishing Job Canada

Nice Polishing Job by Ken Green from Canada

Mike Sienkiewicz Great Polishing Moe joe cell job

Nice Polishing job from Mike Sienkiewicz from Europe

Jerome Law electropolishing Moe Joe cell

Jerome Law amazing electropolishing method USA

Thomas Stevens from Germany great Moe-Joe cell polish

Thomas Stevens from Germany beautiful polish and setup

Moe-Cell Water charging Kit

Topher Gardner from USA and Costa Rica - Great Polishing Job - also innovatively designed the Topher Dirt Insulation Method

Moe Joe cell electropolishing in California

Rokan Electropolishing gorgeous - California

Moe Joe cell polishing job Iggy from Germany

Beautiful polish job by Iggy from IPCtec Reseach


Normand and Maryse from Quebec - gorgeous polishing job



Neat & Innovative Setups

Thomas Stevens Germany Moe-Joe cell car setup box

Thomas Stevens Innovative Wooden Box for Car Installation (Germany) - Leave it to the Germans!! Amazing work!

four stroke generator installation moe-joe cell

Paul Simpson from USA - Great Moe-Joe cell installation on 4-stroke generator - charging method - SOLAR power.

Thomas Stevens moe-Joe cell charging method Germany

Thomas Stevens Water Charging Method using the Car Kit, to not lose water over flow


Chris Won Taloa USA Pepi Setup

Chris "Won Ton" Taloa - USA Pepi Circuit and nice polish Job

Hardwidt_Schart Innovative Setup Germany

Hardwidt Schard (Germany) Innovative Setup

Pepi Moe Joe cell with crystal inside

Pepi from Croatia -Crystal setup - puts crystal in the plastic tube, causes sparks to be seen in water.

Moe Joe cell and Bedini SSG

Jean-Jacques from France - Moe-Joe cell connected to Bedini SSG

Moe Joe cell car installation IPCtec from Germany Iggy

Very neat and clean installation Job - Iggy from IPCtec Germany

Moe Joe cell with Bedini SSG France

Jean-Jacques from France - Moe-Joe cell connected to Bedini SSG


Moe joe cell car installation in hungary by Tamas

Very nice car installation in Hungary by Tamas - who also has some nice residual voltages to share



Stage 3 Water



Kent Williams Stage 3 Water Moe Joe cell

Kent Williams America - Stage 3 Water - Nice!



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