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Frequently Asked Questions about the Improved Spherical Joe Cell

Moe Joe installed in Car


Frequently Asked Questions


Q - How much hydrogen gas does the Moe-Joe cell produce?

A - Initially, the Moe-Joe cell was not conceived as a hydrogen producer. It was created because it concentrates orgone energy, which can be used for combustion in internal combustion engines and also for healing. However, since some people have thought of using it as a HHO producer, it has shown some considerable results. (See Brett's 3000GT results on the Testimonials page)


With the use of higher voltages and high frequencies, there will be no gas produced, and absolutely no scum will result. Right now, with the non-magnetic moe-joe cells and the use of only 12 volts charging, for instance, with the Pepi circuit, there is no scum produced at all.


Q - Does the Moe-Joe cell operate the car without fuel?

A - This is our ultimate goal, but for now, we have not yet achieved this. Moe-Joe working was first established to provide people with the ability to experiment with the spherical Joe cell. Moshe Daniel was getting so many requests for the spherical cells, so he went forward with the technology. We have begun to achieve results (improved performance, better handling, better fuel mileage) but we're still in the experimental stage, so that everyone who purchases the Moe-Joe cells is contributing to the growth of the body of knowledge we're developing surrounding this technology.


Q - How much does the Moe-Joe cell cost?

A - All of that is readily available at the Moe-Joe cell store - here.


Q - Does the Moe-Joe cell work with diesel engines?

A - Yes and no. It works with turbo diesel engines, but not with regular diesels. We have seen a mid-range power boost in mercedes turbo engines, which are normally very slow at that range - and we saw some fuel mileage improvement - around 20%. On other non-turbo diesels, we haven't seen any results worth mentioning.


Q - Is there a place for ongoing discussion and support of the Moe-Joe cell technology?

A - Yes. There is - Here - - on the Forums.


Nutopia everynationland healing and uniting the world - Where all the Moe-Joe cell continual support, and discussion is taking place. Be a part of it.



Q - What is the best way of assembling a Moe Joe cell?

A - For the water charging kit - click here. For the car installation - click here.


Q - What sort of water is used in the Moe-Joe cell, and how to prepare the water?

A - The best water to use is spring water, fresh out of a natural, live spring source. Otherwise, spring bottled water can be used too, but it must be vortexed, or energized in some way - with a Ring Generator, or a water vortexer are the best methods I have seen, although there are many emerging methods of doing this. And then, in addition to that, to use the water charging kit is a way of getting the most ideally charged, energized water.


Q - How do I use a Moe-Joe cell for Healing and/or enhanced Prayer / Law of Attraction manifestation?

A - Click here for info on using the Moe-Joe cell for healing and enhanced prayer or law of attraction manifestation.


Q - i) How do I charge the Moe-Joe cell? ii) What do I need to charge it? iii) Do you sell the parts to charge the Moe-Joe cell?

i) and ii) answers can be found here - on our cell charging page. The most recommended method is a) Pepi's charging method #1. b) Pulsed DC - this method is still being researched and more info will be posted soon about this. iii) No. We do not sell parts for the charging circuits.


Q - Do I need a water charging kit or can I get away by just using a car kit?

You can get away by just using the car kit, and by filling up the Moe-Joe car cell, sealing it, and then charging it gently with Pepi's method, or a high voltage, low current method. Using high amperage is not recommended for charging the car kit, because scum can be created, which is difficult to clean once the car kit is sealed. That is why and where the charging kit is recommended - to prepare a lot of water, get it highly charged, and then put it into the car kit. The car kit still needs to be charged as well, before car installation, to acclimatize the steel to its role.


Q - What fuel mileage improvements and other improvements have you had with the Moe-Joe cell?

We have seen fuel mileage improvements around 40% on a Land Rover, and around 40-60% on a Lexus. Other cars, diesel and regualr fuel, are currently being tested and results will be forthcoming. All vehicles that have had the Moe-Joe cell installed have shown noticeable improvements to the performance - more power, more power at midrange for a couple of Mercedes diesel autos, better handling, smoother feel to the car. The 2001 Land Rover, which is a big tank, really poor handling, got much lighter on its feet. It is remarkable. Also, there is a really nice atmosphere/feeling in the car, because the inner sphere of the Moe-Joe cell is connected to the negative of the car battery, which is connected to the entire frame / chassis of the car. So the passengers are surrounded by the soothing, healing energy field of the Moe-Joe cell. See our page on Fuel mileage results for more information.


Q - What modifications to the car are necessary on the car to get the best results?

For the best results, some sort of megasquirter or ECU communicator is ideal. But simple tweaks to the MAP and O2 sensors will yield better results, and with the Land Rover, we didn't touch anything and went from 12.1 MPG to 17.5 MPG. Each car's computer is different and more research is being done now to answer these questions and optimize engine performance. More information will be forth coming.


Q - What dangers are associated with the Moe-Joe cell technology?

If one follows instructions and doesn't do anything too stupid, no danger is involved in connecting the cell to the car. Where the danger lies is in charging with high voltage and high current - so, for example, if you were charging with a VARIAC at 100 Volts, 2 amps, and you touched your hands across the +ve and -ve leads, you could get a very nasty shock. Be careful with the electrical charging part. However, with the Pepi's circuit, and while installing the cell in the car and using just 12V battery, this is not dangerous at all. Another danger would be to connect the cell with a vacuum seal to a blind plug - this would result in the cell building up pressure and could result in an explosion - this is something that should not be done, because blind plug does not require vacuum connection and the vacuum connection will draw in the gas from the cell, so no risk is involved at all.


Q - Is the steel used non-magnetic? What kind is it?

Now, all the moe-joe cell steel is completely, 100% free of all magnetism. It is 316 stainless steel that is used.


Q - Once the cell is installed in the car, how often do you have to a) charge it? b) change or refill the water in the cell?

a) You won't have to charge it often at all if you put a 1.5 volt across the positive and negative of the cell. However, once a day for 30-60 seconds maximum with the car battery is all that should be needed. b) If you have a good installation, you should not need to refill the water of the cell - recall - this is NOT hydrogen or HHO technology - so, the water in the cell is not depleted. We ran for over 3 weeks and over 1000 miles with the cell connected to the air intake, and when we removed the cell, the water was at the same level and clean. We could drink it and it didn't taste bad at all. With a vacuum intake, this may not be the case, as the gasoline that gets mixed in that compartment could contaminate the cell - it has been suggested to put a membrane / diaphragm of metal at the end of the transfer tube with a very small hole in the middle to limit the back flow of fumes from the vacuum intake.




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